Accept a Move

Get notified, in real-time, when a vehicle near you needs to be moved. Receive the full details of the move, addresses included. You can make an informed decision to accept or decline without ramifications. Simply mark yourself as started to begin.

Deliver the Vehicle

Drive someone else's car for a change. Move the customer's car to the requested location. Upon pickup and delivery you will preform a pre and post-trip inspection, capture vehicle information, snap photos, and upload the information to our app.

Catch a Ride

Catch a ride back to your car, ON US! If we don't have a return trip planned for you to drive to another location, then the HopDrive app will automatically request a ride back for you. By the way, you get paid for the ride back as well! Earn money while you drive AND ride!

Important Resources

Need more information before you sign up to drive? Here's everything you need to know.

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Learn what it takes to drive with HopDrive. You must meet the minimum requirements and complete a safety screening online.

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We maintain insurance policies that provide coverage for drivers from the time they take possession of a customer’s vehicle.

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Learn and stay organized on what kind of tax responsibilities you will have as a contractor.

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Driver Portal

Our driver app allows you to track your pay and keeps a record of all your activity with us. The app also provides the ability for you to set your own schedule.

Ready to Drive With Us?

Make your own schedule and make more money without all the extra hassle.